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We promote and help grow tourism businesses and destinations by providing services to Travel Destination Management Companies (DMCs), Tourist Destinations, Tour Operators and Travelers. We focus on the travel markets of North America, Europe and beyond. Providing excellence in service for all our stakeholders is our mission. Built with purest passion for the travel industry and years of educational & professional experience in tourism. We aim to grow our network with selected and trusted partners for long lasting relationships.


In our purpose of serving the tourism industry, our journey is the goal. Always open minded, evolving, and expanding together with our partners. We deeply value the cultural awareness travel brings to all of us. Our goal is to grow ethical and cultural awareness for travel in most sustainable ways.

The Visionary Behind Your Travel Experience

Meet The Founder

Growing up in the picturesque landscapes of Switzerland, I have always had a profound connection to nature, reveling in the beauty of the great outdoors all year round. Whether it was basking in the crystal-clear blue lakes during summertime or hiking through the majestic Swiss Alps and skiing their slopes in the winter months, I have always cherished my time spent in nature. I discovered my passion for adventure and exploration, and the thrill of traveling around the world.

Fortunately, I was able to turn my passion into a career, beginning as a Flight Attendant and eventually pursuing my studies in Tourism Management and an MBA degree. These academic achievements opened new and exciting work opportunities for me in the tourism industry, allowing me to work with esteemed Tour Operators in both Switzerland and the USA. Over a decade later, I still find myself in awe of the endless possibilities that the tourism industry offers, and I cannot imagine a better career for fulfilling my passions and utilizing my skills.

What I cherish the most in the tourism industry are the countless opportunities for intercultural experiences and forming meaningful relationships. Through travel, we can learn from one another, enriching each other’s lives in countless ways. In my eyes, travel serves as a unifying force that brings us closer together and expands our horizons.

Through Travelbase Consulting I am able to share my passion for tourism and teach others about the beauty of different destinations around the world. My dedicated and passionate approach focuses on promoting sustainable and authentic ways of experiencing these destinations, bringing awareness to the importance of responsible tourism.

If you share a love for tourism, I would be delighted to connect with you and discuss the endless possibilities that this industry has to offer.


Unlock Your Destination Potential

At Travelbase Consulting we want to help tourism businesses succeed by providing them with the tools and expertise they need to support the growth of the travel industry.

Local Expertise

We are proud of our deep knowledge and research of our partners’ destination, its culture, language, customs, and unique selling points to support with effective marketing campaigns.

Enhance Visibility

Work with us to improve your visibility and exposure to potential visitors and to reach a wider audience in the tourism industry.

Increase Visitation

Let us help increase your bookings and occupancy rates. By working closely with the travel industry, we can promote your business and provide valuable support and assistance to help travel agents to sell your destination.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

By providing personalized assistance and recommendations, we help visitors to navigate the destination more easily and make the most of their trip.

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